Auto: 2011-08-28 Veckans Twitter

  • Important, concerning tweeters as it looks almost exactly correct. #
  • Twitter-Phishing check pic´s it is easy to trick you, Aparently many have been fooled already 🙁 Swedish but important #
  • Please spread and share so that single parents in Stockholm/Uppsala area could win something they would enjoy. http:…: #
  • Publish sync for Google+ & Facebook connected successfully!: #
  • Happy news for all #Libyans and I hope that today will be the beginning of a country with human rights and democracy in #Libya #
  • Ett ljus för varje tweet om Utøya – DN.SE #
  • I am sitting here in Sweden but I am so hoping that the fight for freedom will be over any day now in #Libya It sounds good on the news. #
  • For those who haven´t yet, check out and support the injured and do send them a postcard, info on the page. #Libya #
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