Auto: 2011-09-11 Veckans Twitter

  • A question to all G+ pros, earlier I could see a topic under circles for those who had added me, it seems to have disappeared, can anyo… #
  • Happy Feet does not seem to come any closer to his destination, perhaps he does not know where that is or just has f…: #
  • Intressant och ganska viktig läsning skrivet av +fatou touray (Tonårsmorsa), läs också hennes bl…: #
  • Everything is a mess, at least they put some protection up today but I feel as if i sm chewing gravel:( This really …: #
  • Please spread this which means sharing to single parents all over Sweden, you can win a nice price and it really sui…: #
  • Track Happy Feet's Journey Home #
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