This is also a little result due to…

This is also a little result due to the disaster with our bathroom. Let me introduce Kurt Grönstedt and his wife Mannfred (she is a girl despite her name, we did not know he was a she until she was 5,5 years old)

The 2nd picture shows Kurt full with pieces of hard soap and toothpaste on his beak and the 1st picture is what he did to my toothpaste we have on the kitchen sink.

For more info on them, in Swedish and poorly updated,

P.S Kurt and Mannfred are black-headed caiques, Mannfred is 11 and Kurt is 16 and yes they keep trying making babies) we have live sex-shows in the kitchen sometimes while they are sitting in the window 🙂

This is what we are going to be abl…

This is what we are going to be able to offer a friend whom I have not seen for over 34 years (since I left Ghana in Africa) The reconstruction of our bathroom that was supposed to have been completely done in 3 to 4 weeks (ending tomorrow). That would have given us time to put things in place till Arnulf would arrive next week.

The first picture is where the toilet should be, the third with the pink is where the shower is and the greyish one is where the washbasin is supposed to be and the last picture is in the hallway.