Ha en trevlig helg, själva försö…

Ha en trevlig helg, själva försöker vi återhämta oss från Proline och Kålsstalunds inkompetens, http://carina.gokboet.nu/2011/10/lange-sedan-icke-google-inlagg-hamnade-har/

För den som inte vet så är det enkelt att hämta sina publika Google+ inlägg så att dom hamnar i din blogg om du använder dig av WordPress. Det jag skriver på Google+ som publikt hamnar alltså här. Gan…

Excuse me so much but I do need to …

Excuse me so much but I do need to use G+ as a vent now. Many know that morrons have been redoing our bathroom after they ruined it. Well, the wrongs were promissed to be corrected and partly it has been done but the rest, no. They will not do a major cleaning despite the fact that they caused something similar to sandstorm inside but with construction dust.

Our kitchen windows looked as if they had snow on them :(, you could write on the soffa, you could simulate skiing on the floors all over the apartment They have broken our mirror to the part on the washbasin, they have not used silicone on the floor on the threshold at the door, one woodencover (foder) beside the window misses silicone, one vent is missing a part (it was faulty placed and non-usable but we fixed that ourselves) and now the missing part makes an issue, no polishing of the threshold and no new paintwork/finish and I could just about give someone a big fist in the face.

We are bringing this to further up and we will fight to win.

Time for a coffee and I need to do something completely different right now before I start using a really bad language.

Well, things did happen while we we…

Well, things did happen while we were away but not really to our satisfaction. The toilet has been moved so it does look acceptable. One of the "ventthings" has been placed a bit wrong and it also is not usable, it is placed (we are guessing) upside down and the little string to pull is no longer pullable=it has no function. The wooden parts surrounding door and window is acceptable but not nice as it was before. They have not fixed the teak part at the door, it is a bit damaged and looks very, very old, earlier it looked brand new (they had some sort off tape on it to protect during the 9 weeks).

The painter, same sort of craftsmen we guess, considering the poor job he has done on the silicone added between the ceiling and walls and also we wonder who in the world did the silicone stuff by the washbasin, in the middle it looks as if they added dirt and nothing even looks as if it is anyway near even. The silicone in the corners ceiling and wall looks as if a little child has tried to handpaint.

They say cleaning will be done on Thursday but that seemingly only includes bathroom and hallway which is unacceptable considering the two times we had something similar to a sandstorm caused by the ignorant carpenter who did not use any plastic to cover as much as he possibly could which is normal practise while doing stuff like this.

Anyway, we accept none of the craftsmen that have been here. We will ask the carpenter in the family to redo the parts that do need to look nice and also need to be done better for practical use.

We still feel we won some even if it does not look as it did before they started.