Please sign this petition to put some pressure on those in charge to help the innocent…

Please sign this petition to put some pressure on those in charge to help the innocent in Syria. Please also spread it even if you won´t sign it.

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Skulle önska att alla i hela världen skrev på den här.. så snälla..dela den vidare!

To the UN Security Council and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:
_As citizens of every country of the world, we call upon you to immediately commit to sending at least 3,000 international monitors to Syria with a mandate to protect civilians, and to move fast to define a political transition plan.
In the wake of the vile massacre of dozens of children in Al Houla, only such a presence can prevent the killing of innocent children and families, and only an urgent plan with a clear road map can put an end to the Syrian conflict. We have a responsibility to protect the Syrian people and the world can no longer look away_

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Click here to protect Syria’s children now!

This photo shows the bodies of dozens of innocent children, murdered by the Syrian regime. It is almost unbearable to look at, but if we demand firm action, we can help stop this slaughter. Government…

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Crackdown in The Ukraine: BLOCK THE GAY GAG RULE

Ukraine’s legislature is about to vote a brand new bill into law that will make it illegal to be gay or lesbian in public. President Viktor Yanukovych has the power to stop the law, but has chosen to stay silent on the growing anti-gay sentiment.

The President says a new alliance with the European Union is his #1 Priority. As officials from Ukraine prepare to meet with an EU delegation on human rights this Friday, it’s time to finally bring this issue to light and force the President Yanukovych to speak out against these laws.

Will you take one moment to call on President Yanukovych to condemn the laws before his meeting on Friday? Every single voice of opposition makes a real difference

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Ukrainian crackdown: ACT NOW
Ukraine thinks it can get a sweet deal with the European Union – AND pass a law that makes saying ”gay” illegal? We can’t let them get away with this. We have 5 days to tell President Yanukovych to sp…

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Google+ invites finnes

och vill du ha får du skriva en kommentar och lämna epostadressen så skickar jag en. Jag hade invites en stund i går kväll också men inte under dagen men nu har jag igen;)