Rights, not Guns for Zimbabwe

Avaaz.org stödjer Zimbabes rätt till demokrati och dess lokalbefolkning. Nu har Avaaz.org en namninsamling för att stoppa transporterna av vapen. Jag skrev under med mitt namn, gör gärna du det också. Använd länken nedan

Dockworkers in South Africa have blocked a Chinese arms boat from reaching Zimbabwe
but the crackdown continues. As the ship moves up the Southern African
coast looking for a new port–and China weighs whether to recall the
weapons–African unions, citizen groups, and church organisations are
launching a campaign to stop arms from fuelling the Zimbabwe crisis.

Avaaz is joining with them and a global coalition including IANSA and
Oxfam to build support throughout Africa and round the world. Stopping
the arms is a concrete step leaders can take to help bring justice to

Add your name by clicking the link below now

we hope to unveil the petition in Southern Africa before next week!


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