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  • Däckexplosion #
  • @feblib Good night from Sweden and hope for a free Libya, I do say that every night going to bed but so far it isn´t but one day it will be. #
  • @feblib I understood that, I think 😉 Music can be soothing and hurting and memories, good or bad, seems to come back with certain songs. #
  • @feblib I am sorry for bad memories, I try to use music to smile and remember good things. I grew up in West Africa and that is still "home" #
  • Read and try to understand, Living in #Libya and why it's not "run by the people" #libya #feb17 by @changeinlibya #
  • @feblib that´s nice too, Otis very much 🙂 #
  • @feblib I am more to early rock from the 50´s and 60´s especially Doo Wop and well I listen to a lot more, also more modern music 🙂 #
  • @feblib when I was younger Marley was the main "smoker" and I did not smoke weed but today I enjoy him more and I still don´t smoke that 🙂 #
  • @ChangeInLibya I am sitting her in Sweden and can´t do much more than read and spread, my hopes are with you and all others needing freedom #
  • @feblib He is punk to me but I am getting old 😉 If you enjoy reggae you might also like to listen to UB40 or Ali Campbell #
  • @Cameragimp Jesus, do they think the world is blind watching their genocide. Sorry, I know you are only reporting and thanks for doing so. #
  • @thatgroverdude @changeinlibya It sounds really horrible on your tweets and it sounds like situation for the black South Africans apartheid #
  • @feblib I didn´t know either but I listened to Joe Strummers version on Spotify, it was very different. #
  • @feblib Isn´t it Bob Marley that made the song known to the rest of us, or am I mistaken? #
  • @Cameragimp I wonder what they mean you and Lisa are then? #
  • @solhog 🙂 Väntar på att höra att Libya är fritt men det lär tråkigt nog dröja. Uppvuxen I Afrika kan inte bli annat 🙂 #
  • @20arb11 @Cameragimp Lisa will,!/LisaatSky @LisaatSky #
  • @JerryOlsson Allt går i vågor och ibland rasar man ner för att komma upp igen, det är naturligt det också. Ha en fin dag, här skiner solen #
  • @JerryOlsson Det är sunt att bli arg i vissa lägen och helt naturligt att det går över i sorg. Ta det varsamt. Kram #
  • @Stone_SkyNews @LisaatSky thanks for all tweets and information. Hope to see tweets from you again from a free #Libya #
  • @hamzamu I don´t know their reasons but if I had been younger I would not have hesitated in joining. Human rights! #
  • #Syria I am not a terrorist, I am Syrian I want freedom, check video from Swedish Newspaper – at least 1062 killed #
  • @hamzamu I do hope she arrives at port this time without any killings from Israel #
  • @LibyaTrueStory So happy for you #
  • @mosaaberizing Thanks for sharing your story but take care and stay as safe as possible. I think your family is concerned and want you safe #
  • RT @monsaudu RT @Stone_SkyNews: I am told #NATO been having difficulty monitoring changing frontlines in Misra… (cont) #
  • RT @monsaudu RT @Stone_SkyNews: I am told #NATO been having difficulty monitoring changing frontlines in Misra… (cont) #
  • @GandolphThePoet ok, then I understand what you mean but that is just a retweet nothing else than spreading information in that sense #
  • @GandolphThePoet I am sorry but what do you mean? I support the freedom struggling people and have not written anything that says otherwise #
  • The bloggers that enabled the peoples revolt in #Egypt and #Tunsia visiting Sweden. #Lina Ben Mhenni and #Wael Abbas – #
  • @youssefsan Thanks for all updates on Libya, take care. #
  • @JerryOlsson Gör det, när det är för sent kan du inte. #
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