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  • Tripoli despatch: Nato tightens squeeze on Gaddafi – Telegraph via @Telegraph #Libya #
  • @LIBTRIP @Stone_SkyNews *lol* #
  • @jenanmoussa No, I do not agree with an eye for an eye thing, I do believe that the man should go to jail for what he did #
  • What a great evening my two friends and I have had #
  • @DisplacedLibyan ,i am sorry for you and all others badly affected by this genocide but I hope you very soon will get good news. #
  • @SumayyahG I do wish that this will soon happen for you and all other expats/refugees wanting to go home. #
  • @acarvin thanks for the great tweeting to keep us all updated. #
  • @FromJoanne I did not mean anything bad but I actually reacted to Liverpool, that is why I wrote, I thought WHAT IS GOING ON NOW #
  • @FromJoanne @MajGenLorimer shouldn´t it be HMS Liverpool, I misread and thought someone attacked Liverpool and guess I am not the only one #
  • @FromJoanne @MajGenLorimer Joanne, you don´t mean Liverpool 🙂 #
  • @SumayyahG The ignorance towards human lives and that so many easliy can kill protesters, genocide in 2011?! #
  • @Jonas_Gardell Helt riktigt, skolk är aldrig bra men självbevarelsedrift är livsnödvändigt och skolan borde agera på varför och inte bara at #
  • @USAfricaCommand Didn´t her father die earlier? #
  • Besieged Libyan rebels hail NATO airstrikes – (via @BostonUpdate) #Libya #
  • #Julian Assange has received #Sydney Peace Foundations highest award, Gold Medal for “courage in the pursuit of justice” #
  • @WafaFt ouch, I was called the opposite but I was/am white and compared to my African friends I was. I grew up in West Africa many yrs ago. #
  • 24 hours to stop #uganda bill that would impose death penalty for being gay. Sign the petition! #
  • @iyad_elbaghdadi hi there, long time no see 🙂 #
  • No asylum for Gadaffi nurse seeking asylum in Norway. Norwegian Security Service might rekommend residens permit #
  • RT @cjchivers On At War: Here The Stood, Until They Ran. – A Reporter’s Notebook from Misurata. With pics b… (cont) #
  • @WafaFt i lost messages to 🙁 #
  • Norway will not end it´s mission in Libya or change how it is done today according to press conference today, #Libya #
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