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  • We met an old friend from before and he is joining us till Julie leaves on Tuesday. Leaving Afrikiko onwards #
  • Beads are made by hand and one by one. Quite fascinating to see and we could also buy bracelets, necklaces a #
  • 4 hours late due to broken down car we are now leaving Brenu Beach towards Akosombo. Who knows what time we #
  • Todays trip took us to Takoradi and to the former Portugese fort, fort Sao Antonio. After that we went on a #
  • Cape Coast the others remember when we did the waves and also tried a bit, @kajonsson and I just watched thi #
  • Cape Coast Castle @ Cape Coast Castle #
  • Kartum National Park and we also survived the Canopywalk,the highest is 60 meters above ground. Now moving t #
  • Kakum National Park and an impressive Canopywalk. Scary and high above the ground. We survived the walk and #
  • Today we left Lake Botsumtwi and aimed for Cape Coast and Brenu Beach Resort. We have also visited Elmina Ca #
  • A long day and at least 1 hour still to get back to the hotel. We have been in Kumasi, the Open Air market, #
  • After a full day of traveling we have arrived to Lake Wosumtwi. It is really beautiful. #
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