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"My Dear Friend, 

I am Barrister Samphan Gerard from Republique of Togo. This is an official legal notice of an unclaimed fund left by your relative who bears the same Surname with you, who died along-side with his entire family on the 25th December,2003 in a Air Crash. 

See the BBC News Link of the incident below:

I hereby demand for your immediate response and positively committed efforts to facilitate remittance of his deposit sum amounting to a total sum of $18.5 million into your designated Bank Account since i as His personal Lawyer on financial matters, am almost through with all the neccessary arrangements that are relevant to the release and transfer of this fund to you for our sharing.

Contact me on my private e-mail address for more details:

Call me on my Tel: +22890276812 

Yours Sincerely
Barrister Samphan Gerard. 
Senior Advocate, International Legal Practitioner 
Samphan Gerard Chambers & Financial Attorney
Chamber Address: #147/152 Adewi Crescent, Gbadago Avenue, Lome Togo
Mobil: +228-9027-6812"

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BBC NEWS | Africa | Airliner crash kills 135 in Benin
A Boeing 727 crashes soon after take-off from Benin, killing at least 135 people en route to Lebanon.

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