Bloggare för Burma – International webprotest i morgon 4 oktober

Free_burma_peaceThe junta in Burma (aka Myanmar) may have blacked out public internet access in the country in an attempt to prevent information about the military’s violent crackdown on protesting monks from getting out, but the move is proving to be too little too late. Now has announced an International Bloggers’ Day for Burma on October 4th.

Bloggers who wish to show their solidarity with the peaceful protest are being asked to refrain from posting that day and instead display one of the Free Burma banners or images (such as the one at right) that have been created for the online protest.

A list of participating bloggers (currently more than 2,000) can be found here.

The protest site for bloggers was launched by two German college students. They got the idea from a multi-lingual Wiki page that was set up last month as a forum to allow participants around the world to brainstorm ideas on how to show support for the protesters in Burma.

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