Well my going back to my roots trip…

Well my going back to my roots trip is really happening now. We are going back to Ghana, give or take a few dates. between the 16th and the 29th July 2012, it feels so strange I haven´t been "home" for over 34 years this years. Some dear old friends are reuniting after all these years. I guess I am going to be dreaming about the beachclub, Arnulf, Teresa, Sabrena and all the others.

Sweet dreams 🙂 my smile is huge.

Hi to all and especially to those w…

Hi to all and especially to those who have added me during the weekend and today, welcome. Important info, some have added me that only play, I DO NOT play so do not send me any invites or helprequests, I do not want them.

I have been a bit off during the last days but I will soon be back on track here as well. By the way, thanks for adding and I mostly write in English but occasionally also in Swedish despite me being Norwegian (I am not a good speller in Norwegian, therefore I do not write in that language).

Wish you all a nice evening, here in Sweden it surely is evening, 9:37 PM (21:37)