Good night, concerning the bathroom…

Good night, concerning the bathroom matter and my friend I haven´t met since 1977, when we went back to visit Ghana the year after we left, well he is brave and has decided to live with us during the week-end in the chaos that is and without bathroom and such commodities. He can use the neighborhood sauna and our bucket like toilet and will also have to live with some of the dust (we have been working on cleaning but it is everywhere and comes back all the time) due to the reconstruction. For the interested, check out our family webalbum, if you want to see the latest result.

Gökalbum. Gökalbum. foton från våra diverse äventyr :). Hem; Besökare; Om. Collage på badrumseländet :(. Badrummet. Collage på badrumseländet :(. Bloggar etiketter: badrummet, kaos. Badrumsröra igen. …
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