The bathroom is still not done and …

The bathroom is still not done and now we are at week number 7 of the said 3-4 weeks.So far we have a toilet, a washbasin, our washing machine and a shower, no lights, no power and it seems as if the incompetent person responsible for this whole mess has not even cared to plan for the rest so next week we will have an electrician here and and they say everything will be finished till the end of next week. Total incompetence, ignorance and whatever else can be said about this whole mess. I do not know what we can do but I do know that we will do whatever it takes for them to pay for this situation. I am writing about it in my blog and company names will be there in the final entry, we have also been taking pictures everyday so we can definitely prove our case.

Just an add-on, we have been able to use the washing-machine by using electricity from our hall with a long cable to connect it with 🙁 Kurt and Mannfred are also happy that we could clean their cage properly by using the shower to do so, the cage is quite big.

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